I’m a Los Angeles-based marketing director with a focus on balancing brand aspirations and business objectives through a strategic approach to communication. My areas of work include growth marketing, ecommerce, content strategy, and brand strategy. 

Growth Marketing

I work closely with brands to understand and guide their growth goals, crafting  multi channel marketing strategies, and establishing defined budgets and KPI’s to profitably achieve results. Acting as an extension of each clients’ internal team, I  work to realize their growth potential, directing their resourcing, ecommerce operations, merchandising, owned marketing channels, acquisition and retention strategies.

Content Strategy

I develop bespoke content strategies that drive brand awareness, build communities and convert to sales across digital channels. Addressing site content, email marketing, social media and extending to seasonal campaigns; I approach content marketing with a deep understanding of the nuanced, omni-channel and on-going customer journey.

Digital Strategy

With extensive experience working across design and development teams, I specialize in crafting UX strategies and considered customer journeys that optimize ecommerce and social commerce platforms. 


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